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Monday, March 29, 2010

Without a Paddle

Over the weekend I saw my friend Elliot at the bar and he tells me our friend Dave had a little adventure of his own a few days ago while he was on a job interview in New York.  I'm not sure of the exact time line but sometime while he was there he had to go "No.2" in his hotel bathroom.  Midway through the process he decided to give himself a little courtesy flush... mayhem ensues.

The toilet is somehow backed up already and the water began to slowly rise.  Dave's a gambling man so he decided he would stay put and wait this one out.  No way it could overflow on the first flush right? Wrong... as the water reached the top of the bowl he noticed that his little floating friend had also joined the party.  I believe his actually words at this point of the story were, "it just canoed over top like a waterfall, right into my dress pants."  Those pants did not make the trip home, he said he left the soiled threads laying on the bathroom floor for some unsuspected maid to deal with.  Could be the beginning of the Deuce Chronicles? I hope not.

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David said...

Dude, I still haven't stopped pissing myself after reading the new blog. I've become an instant hit with my company. I continue to receive emails and voice mails about the trip to New York. Joe, you have completely outdone yourself this time. Love the canoe and looked very similar to the artwork.

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