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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tiny Bladder Chronicles pt. 4

This is actually a Tiny Bladder Chronicle that does not belong to me, however I was at the scene of the crime.  To set this up there were about 4 of us at Wrightsville Beach visiting our friend Randy.  We were out on the beach drinking the entire day and when the sun started to go down we decided that we didn't want the party to end.  Randy got this great idea that he would run back to his house and grab a tent so we could camp out and continue to drink on the beach.  Everything went according to plan until about 8:00 am the next morning...
We had all passed out in the tent but when a couple of us woke up we felt like we were in a sauna... the tent was so hot and humid and was we were sweating profusely... my clothes were even a little damp.  We got out of the tent and left the other two asleep while we tried to get some fresh air.  After a few minutes we returned back to the tent to wake Brent and Randy up so we could leave and that's when we saw the golden shower.  Brent was laying belly down in a giant pool of his own urine.  Matter of fact it was completely covering the bottom floor of the tent.  My clothes were not damp because of sweat, we had all been laying in Brent's piss in that tiny tent.  This picture is compliments of Brent. 


Nick said...

boy, this site is making me bored...wait it could be the vodka talking, again!!!

Anonymous said...

That was not an appropriate comment

Anonymous said...

btw i have pictures of this event and an actual shot of brents wet jorts, yes those r jean shorts!

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