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Monday, March 29, 2010

Small Talk of the Day

It was raining this morning when I came into work today, which for me makes it a crappy Monday but for the "small talk experts" of the office it gives them an arsenal of talking points to get through the day...

"I don't care much for the rain today but we shore did need it."
This rain makes me sleepy, I could have just stayed in the bed this morning."
Now all the sudden everyone is an amateur meteorologist:
"You know they say we 'sposed to get scattered showers till lunch."
"They say that warm front is gonna be pushing in some of that rain from the north."
GIVE ME A BREAK SKANKY McSKANKLESONS... it's called WEATHER!  It happens every single day and everyone who has looked out the window or stuck their head out the door knows about it.  You aren't on the front lines of some kind of weather revolution, nobody's waiting on your groundbreaking forecast to plan their day... get back to work.

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