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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Setup:  So it's the day of my wedding and all the groomsman and I have just loaded up in the limo to head to the church for the ceremony.  Before we leave the driveway we are all sitting inside the limo passing around the champagne (or as we like to call it... Jim Beam) when we see Marshall, who is my father-in-law, standing outside the house. He was not riding with us to the church and everyone knew that except for Brent...

Brent (aka Lloyd Christmas) proceeds to roll down the window and holler out the following sentence... "Hey Marshall, do you need to come?!"  at which point time actually stood still.  It was so awkward, Brent and Marshall just stared at each other and nobody made a sound for what seemed like hours... you could hear the grass growing.  The limo driver actually started to slowly roll up the window partition between us and him.

I think Marshall's only reply was, "I think I'm good Brent"

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