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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Entire Tree?

So there's a copier/printer in my office and it has been running non stop since I came into work this morning.  The intern that works for my boss and I has been constantly reloading BOTH paper trays so I finally asked him what the hell he was printing.  He told me that my boss asked him to print out a report for her (I won't bore you with specifics) but the this is a report she can view on the computer without printing it out.  The intern told me my boss said it hurt her eyes to look it on the computer and that she'd rather look at the  "hard copy."  Who does that?! It's not even printed on front and back.  He said it was 1,600 pages! This picture is just part of it... as you can see it is still printing more... what a effin barbarian.

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