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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Tiny Bladder Chronicles

I guess it is finally time for me to start showcasing some of my own misfortunes on this blog.  This is not easy to do since I am damn near perfect in almost every aspect of being human.  But... I will try. 

The Tiny Bladder Chronicles that will follow are recollections of a dark period in my life when I preferred to get "black-out" drunk, pass out, start sleep walking and begin to urinate anywhere I could besides a toilet. This isn't something I'm proud of.  However, it is simply a condition I have (probably genetic) and I deserve the sympathy of my peers.

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David said...

I can't wait to read and view the artwork. I was privileged enough to be around for some of those days and feel a connection to the bed wetting episodes. Look forward to it.

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