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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tiny Bladder Chronicles pt. 2

Setup:  At the end of my last summer before my senior year of college I was moving into a new apartment.  I had been living at home that summer so on this particular day it was my first night in my new place.  I had brought in my suitcases earlier that day and opened them up but never got around to unpacking them. Probably because I got sidetracked by 5 hours of beer pong.  Somehow I made it back to my apartment that night and into my bed.  Sometime the next morning after I had been up a little while I went to unpack my shirts. I may have been disgusted with what I saw but I was not surprised...
Apparently some time during the night I got out of bed and relieved myself into my own suitcase and all over my shirts.  It had completely soaked through the entire stack of shirts and had puddled up in the bottom of bag.  Not one drop made it on the carpet. My sleepwalking/peeing was escalating at an alarming rate.

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crystal said...

Wow..this is another new story for me. im embarrassed to be your wife.

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