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Friday, March 12, 2010

4 Loko

 If you have not had the pleasure yet of catching a buzz off 4 Loko then you are missing out.  There isn't much I can say about this product to do it justice except to quote my friend Randy when I first heard about this magical elixir.

Randy: "Duuuude... you heard about that new 4 Loko?  It's like 15% alcohol and comes in 24 oz cans.  It's just like drinking kool-aid except after two of them you can't even remember your name.  I got crazy on 'em last night and when I woke up I had lost my phone and my girlfriend.  I think we broke up."

Within the hour we could verify that he had lost his phone and within the week we found out that he did indeed break up with his girlfriend.  Good news is he doesn't remember any of it.  Stop by your local ghetto gas station and pick some up today. You'll end up like the picture above... Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

first off i just wanna say what an honor it is just to finally make it on!! there are so many people i need to thank but first and foremost id like to thank tyhe makers of 4loko, second off id like to send out a big "fuck you" to my ex-old lady, if a man cant lose control and get all loko every now and then what kind of man is he? anyways, if u havent had a 4loko i highly recommend it!!! i like to play press ur luck with it and drink 2 of them(maybe even smoke one if thats how u roll) THEN go out and continue to drink toss in a few shots and u will be so impressed with urself as will everyone around! u wont remember anything except that u had an awesome time and partied like a wild man... the only down side is u will wake up still jacked at like 8am feeling jittery and slightly emotionally unstable but its sooooooo worth it!! u the man joe b!!!

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