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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Craigs List Scammer

I've had a car for sale on Craigs List for a little while now and every so often I get an inquiry that is bogus and an obvious scam.  Usually it is some person with an Arab sounding name and very bad grammar. I don't even waste my time responding but a couple days ago I got an inquiry from a Mr. Harry Flitchel, he's grammar was good enough so I at least responded.  It became quickly apparent however that he was full of $hit... our email exhange is below:

From Harry Flitchel to Me:
Is this vehicle still for sale?

From Me to Harry:
Yes this vehicle is still for sale. 

From Harry to Me:
Hello ******, 
Thanks for your response.I have a client who is very much interested in buying your vehicle. He happened to budget for a car last time and unfortunately it was sold. I have discussed with him and he has agreed that he will be willing to have the vehicle shipped to Canada upon reaching
an agreement with you.

Please I have Some Questions to Ask:
1) Is the engine in perfect condition?
2) How often do you service the Vehicle?
3) How many miles on the Vehicle now?
4) Are you the owner?
5) If yes, for how long did you use Vehicle?
6) Exterior and interior pics
7)Finally At what price are you willing to sell this
Vehicle to Us ...Bottom price.
9) Vin # 
Harry Flitchel
From Me to Harry:
I don't mean to offend you but I need to make sure this is legit.  I get a lot of spam and strange requests for this car and the fact that its out of country is a red flag in my spammers handbook. Are u a dealer? Why are u acting on his behalf?
From Harry to Me:
Hello *****,
Regarding your questions,I work under MAPFRE FINANCE S.L Barcelona.
I'm not a dealer,i'm actually facilitating the purchase of the vehicle for a client.
Kindly,send me the condition of the vehicle for final evaluation.
Hope to hear from you soon for payment process.
From Me to Harry:
Yeah, I checked it out.  Mapfre Finance S.L. is a pretty popular name used for Fraud and 419 Scams.  You should use a different name, think outside the box.
From Harry to Me:
 I will be glad if you address me with respect.I will have to inquire for another vehicle for my client.
Thank you.
From Me to Harry:
Blow me Harry.  Good luck ripping someone off, somebody will eventually fall for it.
 I just love how Harry demanded respect from me.  Well played sir.