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Monday, June 18, 2012

Scambaiter 1

I am re-posting the Scam Baiter Series in chronological order so it's easier to read.  It's been a while and I think this deserves to be revisited.  For those of you who don't know what Scam Baiting is CLICK HERE for the definition.  The Nigerian scam is the most popular where they tell you then need to use your account to funnel some money over into the United States using your accounts and for your troubles they will give you a percentage of the total which is usually in the millions of dollars.  Enjoy as I waste a obscene amount of this loser's time for my amusement under my alias... Danny Copeland.

Scambaiter 2

Ok, hopefully I can keep this jackoff on the hook a little bit longer than the last guy.

Scambaiter 3

For now I seem to be corresponding with Mr. Tom Bello and hopefully I can keep him around a little longer...

Scambaiter 4

I must be doing a good job so far because Mr. Tom Bello is still on the hook. This is now a special case because he has introduced a third party to our deal. He told me to let him know once I have heard from the bank in Lagos... well I did... and I stand to make millions!! Except, it is all fake. Keep up the hard work Tommy boy.

Scambaiter 5

My latest reply:

Scambaiter 6

This Tom fellow is good... he now wants me to contact an attorney he knows so we can get the proper documents together. I have no doubt that the lawyer's email belongs to Tom as well.

Scambaiter 7

Now I have received a correspondence from the "attorney" and he sounds like a real player over Lagos. I hope he can help me and Tom out the way he says he can.

Scambaiter 8

First of all, there have been some big developments in this particular scam with Tom Bello and this is where the scambaiting gets fun because hopefully I can keep stalling and anger this scamming douche bag to the point of suicide. I first received a letter from the attorney asking that I send $2,725 by Western Union to cover some of the expense he had in preparing the documents. Seems like a small price to pay for inheriting $25 Million. You can see how they become a little antsy when I don't confirm that I've sent the money. Enjoy...

Scambaiter 9

No dice at the Western Union... hope this does not upset Tom.

Scambaiter 10

This is getting hilarious... apparently Tom is becoming more and more religious and less and less concerned with the English language.

Scambaiter 11

I feel my time with Tom is coming to an end. It is time for me to step up the trash talking and finish this one out on a high note. Below is our morning exchange...

Scambaiter 12

I believe today is the day that I will end things with our friend Tom and get back to the normal Beasthammer postings. Here are some of the latest emails, the first is from me basically requesting that Tom send me a picture of himself preferably holding a sign with the words "Beast Hammer" written on it. Although I did not get what I was asking for he did send me a cute little I.D. card.

Scambaiter 13

I don't know if Tom will write me back after this one but I just couldn't resist making my own ID Card...

And here is the picture of the ID I attached. Who knew Tom and Danny had so much in common.

Scambaiter 14

Since Tom has not responded yet to my ID Card email I took the liberty of contacting the attorney to let him know that I have just sent his money.

Scambaiter 15

The attorney has now written me back telling me that he sent his secretary to pick up the money from Western Union and to his surprise the money never came through. How could that have happened? I wrote him back saying that I suspected the secretary was a theif...

Scambaiter, Season Finale

 If you are reading this for the first time I would suggest going to the beginning of the Scambaiter series and starting there.  It'll be worth your time...  This is it. I have sent my final email to the scammer.  It is kind of sad in a way because below you will see where the attorney sent me a picture of himself which reminded me that this could have gone on a lot longer. Enjoy my final reply.


Tom's final reply?:

My final request: