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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Neighborhood Crime Watch

This past Friday some friends and I were hanging out at my friend Nick's house before dinner.  Nick ended up having to leave about 30 minutes before dinner to meet some friends and left the 3 of us at his house.  Nick was very adament about telling us to lock up... whatever we did make sure we locked all the doors before we left.  That was his first mistake... it was like a big softball toss... we had to screw with him now. His second mistake, obviously, is having friends like us.

I decided we should stage a robbery in his house. We started by flipping over some cushions and making a mess.

We then took his giant flatscreen TV down from the entertainment center and hid it behind the bed in his bedroom and in its place I put a drawing of a TV on a sheet of paper.

I wasn't there to see it, but I heard he cussed a lot when he got home drunk at 2am.

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