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Monday, August 29, 2011

Taxicab Confessions, Act 2

Before we begin, if you have not yet read my article titled "Taxicab Confessions" it would be wise of you to do so before continuing with this post.  To catch up either CLICK HERE or scroll down.

Just this past weekend I had to opportunity to fellowship a little with Mr. D-Money, our hero from the first Taxicab story, and gained some much needed perspective on this whole disastrous situation.  I just want to say thank you to D-Money for being so candid with me in the wake of such a dark moment in his life.  I learned two things that day from speaking with D... first, they got picked up that night from their friends house not a bar which helped explain why D-Money was wearing sweatpants.  The second thing I learned was that the story did not end when the cab driver dropped them off... nope, apparently the cock touching cabbie was not ready to end the night with a rejection from D-Money.

The story continues...

So D-Money and Janet are dropped off back at their house and while walking inside D-Money can't help but feel like he was just involved in a rape scene of some B movie.  He walks into the house still trying to put the pieces back together and heads directly to the fridge to grab a beer in hopes of regaining his composure.  He leans up with his beer and without moving a muscle he has an overwhelming sense that someone is watching him.  Someone indeed was watching him...

Panic sets in. He begins to sweat. His bootyhole puckers up in self defense.  He slowly closes the refrigerator door, turns his head and sees what no man should have to see in his lifetime... standing just a few feet behind D-Money was the infamous cab driver.  That's right, the cab driver who just minutes ago attempted the "over the pants HJ" has now actually followed his victim into his house and is set up in a "cocked & loaded" position on D-Money's six.  I'm sure the cabbie said something like, "Hey Sug, was you just gonna 'stiff me on the tip'?"  D-Money is frozen where he stands from some sort of primal fear paralysis but he said he mustered up enough strength to call out, "Janet! You better get this motherf*cker out of here!" His girl comes running into the kitchen to break up this little 'cock fight' and escorts the cab driver outside. He apologizes and gets in his cab. End of story.  It appears as though our friend D-Money once again dodged a bullet.  Cheers!

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