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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Myrtle Beach

 I was talking to my friend Brad today and I'm not sure what it was but something reminded me of a quick little story.  This was a few years back when Brad was in his prime "creeping on girls" stage of his life.  Him and a few guys are up visiting my brother at Appalachian State University.  Sometime that night they stop off at a gas station to pick up some beer and while brad is standing in front of the cooler picking out his flavor some hot chick comes up beside him to do her shopping.  I'm almost sure Brad was at least half drunk at this point in the night and while he was standing there with a dip in mouth thinking of one of his groundbreaking pick up lines, he probably didn't realize he was eye humping this girl to the point of it being a criminal act.  Before he opens his mouth the girl just turns to him and with a look of absolute disgust says two simple words that will haunt Brad to his grave... "Myrtle Beach."
He wasn't quite sure what she meant.  She just walked away after that...  I mean, Myrtle Beach is awesome right?  Some even call it the East Coast Vegas... maybe she was trying to give him a compliment??  Wrong.  I think anyone who's been there knows that Myrtle Beach is just a touch... TRASHY.  I thought this song fit perfectly with this story. 


Anonymous said...

The Big B.R.A.D. always had a way with the ladies!

eddie guy said...

kick ass song but what is a tar-nader? ive never been to myrtle beach but it sounds fn awesome and my kind of place!

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