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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Even More Fun with 4 Loko

I have to tell you, the feedback I've been getting from my last 4 Loko post is outstanding.  It is literally influencing people to buy it, drink it and make bad decisions.

Saturday around lunch time, the day after my last 4 Loko post, I recieved this photo in a text message from my friend Jason with the words "Afternoon Delight."
Once again, notice the open container in a vehicle, clearly on their way to go drink so more somewhere.  He thought 4 Loko would be a good start to the day's activities.... wrong.   I'll explain later. 

I swear no more than 20 minutes goes by before I get a call from Morgan telling me that he's just read my blog and was on his way to the store to pick up some 4 Loko.  He said he was going camping that night and they were going to "get drunk in the woods," he says.

I told him he might as well send me a picture when he get's out there.  I got this later that day but I never got a follow up call from him so I don't even know if he ever made it out of the forest or not.

 Okay back to the first guy... Later on that night I get another picture message from Jason, oh... could it be another picture of him drinking a 4 Loko? Not... Exactly... It was actually a self-shot his wiener taking a piss in the toilet with the words "Hide ya Kids, Hide ya Wife..." from the recent viral YouTube video Lincoln Projects Rapist
Wow, an eyeful of of someone's junk pile is just what I needed to help me fall asleep.  Believe it or not I was a little intoxicated that night myself and didn't think about it again until last night when Jason and I had the following text message conversation:
ME:  BTW, that was a nice penis shot, thanks for that.
JASON:  Yea man, no problem.  Apparently, that was sent to about 15 different people.  14 males, 1 female.  Thanks to 4 Loko.  I should never have read your blog about that.
                               PLEASE DRINK 4 LOKO RESPONSIBLY 


Anonymous said...

I love this! I also love how at the bottom there is an add for Alcoholism Help for Women. haha

Anonymous said...

hey, where's my four loco pic? a fish almost died because of that fruity swill!

russell the love muscle

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