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Friday, May 7, 2010

Vegas Baby

I heard this story last night about what happened to my friend Steve while they were in Vegas a few weeks ago for my boy Todd's bachelor party. Apparently Steve got separated from the guys sometime around 3:30am. At this point there is no way Steve is anything short of pants-sh*tting blackout drunk. He jumps in a cab and asks to be dropped off at the Palms Hotel but the driver turns around and asks him if he's sure he wants to go there because he knows of nice little place for him to get a late night massage. Who wouldn't take that offer?? Steve knows an opportunity when he sees it so he agrees and the cab drops him off at some shady massage parlor. Once inside he agrees to a 30 minute "massage" from 2 of the nice young ladies working there for a seemingly normal charge of $250. They show him to his room, he de-pants himself and lays up on the table. A few moments later one of the girls walks in and apologizes that her partner won't be joining them but he is still guaranteed to get an excellent "massage" and I guess he was okay with that.

The 30 minutes go by and I think he is shocked to find out that it was actually just a massage. She tells him its over and he will have to knock down that woody all by himself. Saddened, my friend Steve gets dressed, heads out to the front, they hand him some receipts and he gets sent on his way. Here's the kicker, while he was getting his massage the ladies at the front ran his credit card 3 different times for a total or approximately $2,300. He turns to go back inside and start bitch slappin people but the doors are now locked and the lights are off. He finally heads back to the hotel and early the next day him and some of the guys return to the parlor but it is closed. I believe he got caught in a classic scam called the "swoop & squat." He is currently disputing the charges with his credit card company. All you can do is tip your hat to Vegas on this one. I wouldn't be surprised if the cabbie was in on the scam too.


Todd said...

Poor Poor Boyd. Man can't catch a break.

Anonymous said...

The cabbie was in on it he got a 150 for just dropping him off .....that's the way to make easy money

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