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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pet Peeve of the Day

I almost made it out the door of work before this train wreck of awfulness happened in front of my office. One of the ladies that works here came parading her granddaughter around obviously fishing for compliments. It worked, one by one a number of middle aged women came out oooing and ahhhing when one of the ladies noticed a bit of jewelry the baby had on and that's when the sh*t hit the fan for me. "Oh my gootness, look at all that bling bling on your gran-baby." Then another lady chimes in with another original thugerism, "Ohhh would you look at that! She knows what the word bling means! Look at her little eyes light up when we say bling." Then miss ghetto fab herself chimes in with, "Oh yeah guurl, she knows about the bling bling already."

I'm sorry... are we at work still or on the set of the new Soulja Boy video? Why must they talk like that? They are 50 year old white women from the south, not 16 year old ghetto girls from 2001. These people are lucky I'm not packin.

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big nasty said...

oh boy ive been waiting for a pet peeve post! i know beasthammer hates the ghetto lingo for old white ladies but ive got a little pet peeve of my own! my boss is one year older than me and hes just like most of us. he speaks like we do, sometimes he will step up his vocab in certian business situations which is understandable but the other night he crossed the line. it was the end of a festival we were working it was 2am we were covered in mud working our asses off we had been working for the past 14 hrs, and im pulling an atm through ankle deep mud on a hand truck and its not going too well when this mf'er has the nerve to tell me that he thinks it would be "advantageous" for me to go a different route through this field of mud! at which point i say under my breath "it would be "advantageous" for you to shut the f. up!" yes you know a big word and u used it correctly but no one is impressed at 2am covered in mud and working like a slave! we all know what these words mean and how to use them, just because u use them in an email or read them in a business report doesnt mean u can use them in normal conversation and not look like a douche bag! there is a whole list of these words too many for me to list and i probably wouldnt spell the correctly, but please just dont!

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