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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dentures In or Dentures Out?

We've got this friend who I will keep anonymous during this post. He has been quite the lady's man over the last few months and it has not gone unnoticed. We don't know what's gotten into him but it seems like every time he goes out drinking he wakes up the next morning in a different girl's bed. Sure, we thought it was cool... maybe even handed out a high five or two but as time went on we started to notice a pattern. These so called "girls" actually ended up being "women" and some of them could even be considered "old women." Now I'm not judging this guy, in fact I'm actually kind of proud of him... after all he is the only GILF slayer I know personally and there is definitely something to be said about that. Nursing homes... you are officially on notice!

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Anonymous said...

You now know the reason yall have never met my grand parents. I would also like to put this out there. Mr Tree, our 6 foot 8 inch farm manager has this individuals picture and will be watching him at the engagement party. Any funny business and it's on like donkey kong.

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