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Monday, May 10, 2010


So I have this friend who's addiction practically ruined his whole life. Just as his friends and family were about to perform an intervention he miraculously beat this addiction all by himself. One day he just quit, cold turkey. Amen... my friend is no longer addicted to Farmville on Facebook.

The other day when I was at his house I noticed that his back yard was looking on point. He's got all kinds of plants growing, the grass is green, the lawn is mowed and everyday around 6pm you can find him out there strategically moving a sprinkler around to cover every square inch of that yard. It's almost like he's... what for it...what for it... ADDICTED to yard work. We came to the conclusion that his nice looking backyard was simply a result of him weening himself off of Farmville. Pretty soon his back yard will look like sh*t and he'll just have a small plant or two that he keeps on the window sill and the final step will be no horticulture at all. Keep fighting the good fight buddy.

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