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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

After School Special

When I was about 15, I met my good friend Randy.  He was a senior in high school and I was a freshman, it was your typical storybook bromance.  I remember during that summer Randy used to come pick me up and we'd ride around in his truck go through our little routine.... now in our careers we either hadn't started drinking yet or it was very little if we did.  So our routine consisted of riding to McDonalds (windows down blasting Notorious BIG) and  we'd each order the #1 and an Ice Cream Sundae, mine with nuts his without.  Then we would continue our rebel streak down at the local gas station where we would pick up a pack of Black-N-Milds cigars.  Randy only had two rules when it came to his truck... 1) Never... I repeat Never leave rap music in CD player.  Just in case his dad happened to drive his truck.  I suppose his dad frowned upon such things, and 2) there is no smoking in the truck.  So I don't know why but the spot we picked to always smoke our black-n-milds was a park bench in front of playground... to make this story even creepier we always took our shirts off so our clothes wouldn't smell like the cigars when we got home to our parents.  BAD... ASS...

** Disclosure** BeastHammer does not use nor do I support the use of tobacco products.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Man Tits

nathan said...

kinda creepy.. like in the, I get older they stay the same age kinda way.

Anonymous said...

that is the most gangster shit ive ever heard of!! now if we could just get chicks to fall for the ole "take ur shirt off so it doesnt smell like smoke when u get home to ur parents" line!!

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