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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meaningless Texts

My friend Josh is a huge Dr. Dre fan and from time to time I like to direct a derogatory comment about Dr. Dre in his direction to see if I can fire him up.  Yesterday I was having a little down time so I decided to text him and see if he was up for a debate.  Yesterday's Match-up... Dr. Dre vs. Young Jeezy (I don't even like Young Jeezy that much by the way):
BeastHammer:  Young Jeezy would slay Doc Dre's buttpiece... Lyrically. He's a proletariat?
Josh:    Poet? And Doc Dre has people writing his lyrics because he's a boss... Grow up.
BeastHammer:  Jeezy is a trap-star.  Or trapster as you white people like to call it.  Dre is weak sauce and gay.
Josh:  Jeezy is like 90, riding anybody's d*ck he can to get a piece of the fame.  I'm sure he's hollerin at Dre trying to suck dat big ole black snake into submission.
BeastHammer:  The Snowman don't suck d*cks. He has people suck d*cks for him.
Josh:  What f*cking rapper calls himself the "snowman"? That sh*t just sounds soft as f*ck.  He should just call himself Marshmellow.
BeastHammer:  That's what I named my c*ck.  Jeezy is transcending the game.  Dre just does popcorn commercials.
Josh:  I thought you called your c*ck "chocolate thunder" cause its covered wit that doo doo baby! Anyways I'm over Dre it's Eminem nowadays.
BeastHammer:  Some fan you are.  I've stuck with Dre through the good and the bad.  We don't need fair weather fans like you anyways.
Josh:  F***************ccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk u
BeastHammer:  I will carry the flame
Josh:  You are the flame-r

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