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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Day Stick

As a high school summer job a couple of my friends and I worked for a swimming pool company and cleaned pools.  Also working there were a couple of middle aged guys that did all the maintenance repairs on the pumps and equipment.  You could just tell these two guys were lifers and they would always tell themselves little fairy tales of how they were going to become famous inventors and live the American dream.  They never really shared any of their inventions with us (probably because they thought we would steal their ideas) but there is one invention that I do remember hearing about...


THE DAY STICK.  The "day stick" was a device that was going to revolutionize the law enforcement industry.  This was going to be the greatest thing since the handcuff.  This idea they came up with based around one simple principle. It was going to be the opposite of the night stick.  Since a night stick was black, it was supposed to be used at night to camouflage with the dark night sky.  The day stick would be clear and it would be used... yep, you guessed it... during the day.  The unsuspecting criminals would never see it coming.  The cops could bludgeon people with stealth and precision thanks to this groundbreaking device.

This is a true story.  I can't make this stuff up.  The last I heard they were still trying to get their idea patented and still fixing pools.  Retarded.  

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