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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mustache Ride

This past weekend we were at our friend's wedding. My friends Kevin, Justin and Brady stayed in a hotel that was different from most everyone else. During the reception Kevin starts telling me a story about something that happened while they were at the pool at their hotel... and... I thought it was hilarious. So, as the three of those guys were about to get into the pool a maintenance worker for the hotel walks by with what can only be described as a Magnum P.I. 70's porn mustache. While I'm sure this was funny in itself everybody went on about their business. Kevin and Brady get in the pool, the maintenance guys goes back around the side of the building and Justin is still standing on the edge of the pool. Justin, thinking the worker was gone stands over the pool and calls out, "Who wants a mustache ride?! Come and get your mustache ride!"
The second Justin starts to yell this out to his friends the maintenance man returns from behind the building and is just standing behind him. Having no idea, Justin continues to verbally and emotionally abuse this guy who I'm sure had a single tear running down his cheek. Kevin said it was so awkward and once Justin could feel the man's mustache breathing down his neck he immediately jumped in the pool and hid underwater for 5 minutes.


Anonymous said...

this kind of reminds me of the most awkward moment of my life. we had just gotten stoned out of our minds at a friend of a friends house, and as we were leaving the father(which i have never met) of the guy whose house we were at rolled up and started talking to us and telling us a story about the "best dog he'd ever had". well it was a sad story ending in the puppy drowning in a 5 gallon bucket of water and then after the story was over he stood there waiting for our sympathetic response, when all of a sudden my friend who obviously wasnt listening to the story AT ALL let out a little chuckle and a head nod which i guess was his way of breaking the awkward silence but it DID NOT help, to which the father looked all upset at him and said "thats not funny, thats not funny at all!" and so i just had to sit there stoned out of my mind confused as hell as to what just hapened and why my friend thought the puppy drowning was funny and got death stares from the father!

Anonymous said...

As an additional post to the story. Justin took the airport shuttle to the airport the next morning and guess who the driver of the shuttle was...yes...Mr. Mustachio himself

a VERY unhappy fan!!! said...

wtf is going on with this site? is it under construction, has the beasthammer died, do the fans not even matter anymore? its almost like the beasthammer isnt even trying anymore? why do i check this site at least twice a day again... i dont fn know either!!!

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