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Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Set-Up: A couple weeks ago I received a friend request on Facebook from one of our friends. It struck me as a little odd only because he has made it perfectly clear over the last few years that he would never ever use facebook, but hey... a lot of people cave in the addiction of Facebook-Creeping. A day later I was included in a mass text from this person saying that "Whoever made me a Facebook page needs to take it down. I do NOT find it f&cking funny." Ahh, now it all makes sense. Well eventually I began getting texts and emails implying that I was the one who did it and that I should take it down. This went on for a couple weeks and our friend was growing more and more angry. At one point he said that when he finds out who it is he is going to rape their sister. Too far??

I then get an email from the culprit who has made up a fake email address and the exchange went like this here:

Beast Hammer Blog Entry. Post that picture on Beast Hammer and I will take the facebook page down. I think I have laughed hard enough at ______'s expense.
Beasthammer: Haha, you are putting me in a tight spot. He will think it's me and then he will rape my sister? Love the picture btw.
Culprit: First of all, this is just funny and should go up on the blog, no matter who is provides the funny. Second, I will reveal myself after the post. The post has to go up before I close it down so its relevant.
Beasthammer: Sounds like blackmail?
Culprit: Not at all. I just want to see another post about our main man _____.

Here is the picture from the culprit and and below it is his last email...

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Anonymous said...

classic, i knew it wasnt pope but i sent a friend request anyway... although i believe that request was not accepted :(

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