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Monday, February 22, 2010

Pretty Boy

Setup:  A couple weeks ago my friend's cousin flew in from out of town to visit for the weekend.  The story is that while they were out at a bar his cousin was getting macked on by a large muscular man.
The cousin, not being interested in the above mentioned meat-head, politely explained that she was engaged and unavailable (a total lie).
When the bar had closed my friend and his cousin were outside waiting on a cab when out walks meat-head.
The exchange went like this:

Meat-Head:  "Don't tell me this is the guy you were talking about?"
My Friend:  "Oh, nah man... she's just my sister."
Meat-Head:  "Your sister? Well I guess I know who got all the looks in the family." (as he points to my friend, not the cousin)

The meat-head may have gotten blown off in the bar but I think he got the final laugh on this one.  We now refer to our friend as "Pretty Boy."

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