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Saturday, February 20, 2010


So as part of a gift for my best men at my wedding I ordered engraved koozies for each of them.  Sounded simple enough.  I received these koozies about a week later and swear to god I looked at them for about 5 minutes before I could even see the engraving. Barely visible.  Needless to say I sent them back and requested that they be remade. That's where the fun started between me and "Carrie" (customer support specialist).

When the second batch of koozies arrived I can't say I was surprised to find that they looked exactly the same as the first ones.  This is an abbreviated summary of my email exhange with Carrie:

Me:  Hey Carrie, these koozies look identical to the first ones... this just won't do. 
Carrie:   I'm sorry, that's just how our engraved koozies look. 
Me:  Okay, in that case I think I would like to send these back... again... and just get a refund. 
Carrie:  Please refer to our refund policy on our website.  (The don't refund engraved items)
Me:  Ohhhhh hell nah! Imma need my $$$$$$$ back Carrie! Please refer to my attached letter...

Angry Letter

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David said...


That was classic. I pissed myself 3 times while reading the Angry Letter. The 15-year old diabetic kid living in his mother's one bedroom apartment did it for me.

Amazing talent at its best.

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