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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Party

This past spring a group of us went to the a Habitat for Humanity Gala and after dinner there was a auction.  I thought I was ballin when I got a package for 3 rounds of golf but my friend Dave one-upped me when he got a catered party for 50 at an awesome house... like a wise man once said,  you can't out-pimp a pimp.

My friend Elliot sent out a Facebook Invitation to this party on Dave's behalf and then asked me if I could do a picture for the page.  Below is his description of the party from Facebook (which is pretty funny) and then my rendering of what such a party would end up looking like.
To celebrate the one year anniversary of Dave growing the creepiest mustache this side of Hitler, he decided to bid on a house at this year's Habitat for Humanity Auction so that all of his friends and family could share in remembering one of the more momentous battles in American History: Dave Swies vs. The Mach 3 (but not the battery powered one that's more useless than Iowa State football).

The house is phenomenal (heated pool, jacuzzi, pool house, on the lake, etc.) and the event is catered, so I'm going to need everyone to make sure Jason Lee puts on his big boy pants for this one. If he and Pope are near the pool they need to be wearing orange arm floaties at all times.

You can check out the house here:

The schedule for the day is as follows:

Noon - College Football kickoff party. Keg beer will be provided with grilling being done by Dave's Dad, Mr. Mus Tache.

6 PM - Costume Party and catering service begin. Wine and Beer are included, liquor and Four Loko are not. However, it is strongly encouraged that you bring both.

10-11 PM - Shuttle service will be provided to downtown Southern Pines for everyone to continue in their pursuits of unlawful behavior.

For the fourth consecutive year Happy Ending gift bags will be provided by Ms. Angelina Leo. Lots of treat with very little trick (read: cold sores).

This is a no lose proposition for everyone. It's going to be a great time with friends, catering, shuttle service, and alcohol being provided by Dave, all for a good cause benefitting our local Habitat for Humanity.

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