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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When Drinking 4 Loko Goes Wrong...

Sometime a couple weeks ago while I was doing posts on 4 Loko my sister sent me the picture that is below of her boyfriend Russ showing off their bounty.  When I got that picture I immediately said she better have a good story for my blog the next morning... well she did... except I wasn't allowed to hear about it.  I believe her exact words when I asked her how the night went were, "It was terrible, I don't think Russ and I are together anymore."  : (

I almost felt partly responsible for the collapse of such a special bond, then I remembered Beasthammer can not be held responsible for anything that is taken from my blog.  Russ told me he drank one 4 Loko and my sister got the charge of finishing the other two which turned out to be the perfect recipe for disaster.  I am not entirely sure of the complete sh*t show that took place but what I have gathered from the two is that Russ' prized fish was almost killed when my sister knocked over and shattered a fish tank in the apartment.  I am told that both the fish and their relationship are on the road to recovery.  Never underestimate the Devil's Juice.


Anonymous said...

to this day, finnegan (my fish) refuses to speak to her.


randy said...

you kids never learn, do yall wanna hear me cry about how 4 loko cost me a girlfriend again? ill tell the story again, ill fn do it! btw i thought that russ guy wasnt real anyways so i think this story is probably just made up. i do like the fish in the picture, now thats real!

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