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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My First Customer

A few days ago I posted a blog about writing angry business letters and requested that if anyone or any company has wronged you to let me know and I would send Danny Copeland on the case.  A received this request from John Boy:
"I've got one for you Mr. Hammer. I have an exceptionally nice pocket knife manufactured by Gerber. It has been very useful to me but after about 6 months of having it the clip came loose. It is pretty sorry engineering the way they designed it because it is only attached by 3 tiny screws that can only be tightened by an allen wrench of a size that cannot be found anywhere outside of the Gerber factory (about the size of a flea's ball hair). I sent my first one back to the company and they happily sent me a brand spankin' new one, in the box. Sweet deal because this is not a cheap blade. Well, about 5-6 months later the exact same thing happened again. Now, it was quite a hassle typing a letter and getting to the P.O. to send off the first one. Not to mention the cost of shipping and insuring the thing. I really don't want to go through the trouble again but I want a functionable knife. I wear it clipped on my back pocket so it has to have an adequate clip. Please have Danny reprimand them with the strong tongue that we all know he possesses. Below is an email address to send it to and link to said blade."
Here is the letter that Danny sent to the Gerber Company...Angry Letter To Gerber


Anonymous said...

dude, ab fab!!! best post so far, DC is an insult genuis!

John Boy said...

Bravo Beast. Bravo Danny. I imagine that the quality of Gerber products will get a major face lift once the head honcho gets a hold of this stern, yet effective, letter. I am very satisfied with the service that you have provided and am baffled that you offer it free of charge. I will surely keep you in mind for future complaints.

A satisfied customer

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