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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don't Be Shy

Come on now boys and girls there has to be some business or company out there that has done you an injustice or perhaps you have a sh*tty neighbor that needs a good talkin' to.  Nothing makes Danny Copeland happier than being able to verbally assault people on your behalf.  Comment below outlining who Danny can write a letter to and why.


ran-man said...

Mr Hammer im fn glad you asked, there is a sports bar near my house that would be an awesome game day hangout but there are several annoying flaws with this place, ive thought of complaining myself but i feel like u are more experienced in this area so i am here to ask for your assistance. The bar is Crabtree Tavern near the crabtree valley mall in raleigh nc. the bar has really nice tv's and a nice layout buuuuut somehow it still manages to suck! First off there are never any chicks there and never never never any hot chicks. they have dudes as bartenders, and no hot chicks working there! how you have a sports bar with no fn hot chicks working there is beyond me! the food is good but it is way over priced and comes in baby portions, for example the fish taco app. comes as 2 tiny tacos for like $10 but dont worry for $2 extra you can have guacamole on them too! The service is turribly slow you would think that maybe your dude server was just busy if anyone was even there but then you take a look around and he is just standing around fucking off. there is one nerd server idk his name but he always has a giants jersey or nc state jersey, both of which are my teams which makes this so annoying. he is always invading my personal space straigh fn stating his fantasy football stats which i couldnt care less about bc i dont even play fatasy. he is constantly asking what happened or how many yards does some one have. his voice is ungodly annoying and he fails to get the msgs that no one wants to talk to him, its obvious that hes never played any football/ or any real sport in his life but he acts like he know all about them... oh and all the while where the fuck is my beer oh its just sitting on the bar waiting for him to fn pick it up and bring it to me, its like he gets paid to hang out with me and i dont even like him! any help starightening this fn place out would be awesome!

BeastHammer said...

I am deeply saddened by this story and will have Danny get to work on it immediately. Completely inappropriate.

restless in raleigh said...

another day looking for a new game day location, i know danny is probably in deep cover somewhere but stat boy is probably straight fn statin' on somebody right now! idk if beasthammer is balls deep in finance work, or if hes been brain storming trying to come up with new material, or hell maybe his wife has been out of town and he has been partying like its 1999 and he had to use 6 rolls of tape trying to get all the stripper glitter out of his living room... but i do know that my football playoff viewing experience isnt gonna be all that it could be yet again this weekend :,(

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