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Monday, June 18, 2012

Scambaiter 7

Now I have received a correspondence from the "attorney" and he sounds like a real player over Lagos. I hope he can help me and Tom out the way he says he can.


Anonymous said...

i like how you give a shout out to my mom with the honey farmer refrence, i hope thats ur way of saying you sorry for throwing her "cowboy cookies" in the yard! i too am from the woods but i have yet to hear the quote about greasing the whole hog and being inside the dog but its a very simple yet profound statement!

russell the love muscle said...

long time fan, first time poster..

i miss the cartoons. maybe u could draw these spam guys who want to give you so much money? i think seeing their faces would be a hoot.

just a suggestion, dont kill me beasthammer.


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